Facebook For the Local Business Owner - The nuts and bolts guide to Growing your Business on Facebook

By Heather Sallee, Salesboxer


There are over 2 billion monthly active users from all over the world on Facebook. Needless to say, Facebook is a must-have social platform for every business, large or small. For those businesses not yet seeing success on Facebook, you will learn through this eBook how to maximize your Facebook presence, grow your audience and tell the story of your business in a way where people will respond.

Just how successful can a business be when they use Facebook? Consider these numbers:

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Social media is about entering a conversation with a huge group of people who could potentially buy your product or service, refer you to a friend, or just enjoy the content that you put out there and be your customer five years from now. There is something special and immensely personal about every single company. Use Facebook as your platform to easily communicate the essence of your business with everyone. Imagine every person out there able to come to your water cooler at work. Get ready to unlock the magic of Facebook for your business with our tips and take your company to the next level.


Setting up a Facebook page for your business is free. However, simply setting this up is not enough to get your business noticed on Facebook. Go through these tips to maximize your business Facebook page:

Always Remember: Your About Section is your first impression, make sure to make it count.

The basics of your page may seem easy but the devil is in the details. Be sure that everything is accurate, unique, personable, and interesting. You will also most likely want to add a few editors to help you with the content you are putting on your Facebook business page. You can manage users on your settings panel to add others to help manage your page.


Content is king, but only for the right audience. If you are going to pay in time and effort to develop your organic audience, you will need to find the right people to initially engage. It is worthwhile to be thoughtful about the sphere of influencers that make up your company’s audience. Consider these elements to first determine your audience:

Now that you’ve thought about your audience it’s time to start organically generating your audience (or enhancing what you already have) on Facebook. Be both persistent and patient as organic growth will take time but be very worthwhile in the long run.

Consider these elements to establish an organic Audience on Facebook:

Always Remember: Social media is like entering a conversation at a cocktail party.


You can have the best business in the world, but if the content that you are posting on Facebook is dull or generic, you can bet that you will not attract an audience. Due to the number of people and businesses using Facebook there are higher quality standards and they do block spam feeds the news feed of those who are on Facebook. If your posts are of low quality or detected to be spam the content won’t help you.

What is rich content? Rich content is going to offer something to readers. It will inform, educate and entertain. Rich content will attract people initially and keep them coming back for more. How can you get it?

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Be warned, creating rich content is going to be time consuming. This is not something that most people can churn out a few minutes during the first part of the week and then forget. It requires thinking about the entire sphere of influences around your customers, what your customers really want from you, and being creative so that you are not sharing the same thing that four other businesses in your industry are sharing. Therefore, many businesses turn to professionals for help (that’s what we do at Salesboxer for our clients).

How can you gain attention on Facebook? One of the best ways to do this is to ensure that you are interacting with the customer. Some of the most tried and true methods include:

Always Remember : Be Authentic

Remember to make your posts visually appealing as social media is an inherently visual form of communication. Here are some tips:

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There are several websites where you can purchase stock photos. However, for those who are just starting and have a smaller marketing budget, consider free websites that help with visual posts. Pexels is a free stock image site that is highly popular. Consider a free graphic design platform to help spruce these up. One of our favorites is Canva, as this is free, unless you want to upgrade to the paid version. Canva is simple to use and will only require a little bit of your time to perfect.

Timing posts

We suggest posting at 10AM, 12PM, 3PM or 6PM for the best traffic.

Use A/B Testing to find Your Best Posting Time

Remember your target audience when posting. What time is your target audience online?

Schedule Your Posts

For those who are using a social media scheduler, they will often allow you to schedule several months in advance. Buffer is a great social media scheduler and if you are only scheduling 10 posts at a time, plus you can get a free version.

Facebook Posting Tips and Tricks

We are passionate about helping local businesses get ahead with their social media content. We’ve put together more tips and tricks to create an authentic voice on social media and one that cultivates more clients.


Once you have established a business page on Facebook you will start noticing ways to advertise it. Key questions you’ll have:

Advertising on Facebook is easier than what most people realize but like most things, confusing and hard to learn at the beginning.

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A boosted post often gets more engagement because it is more natural. However, with the proper techniques you can make boosting your page or a call to action very natural as well. For Salesboxer, we have found that boosting our page is the most effective way to use Facebook advertising but depending on your company’s purpose you might find something else more effective.

The Nuts and Bolts Behind Facebook Advertising

What we do not recommend you do: pay for likes and follows on your page. This black hat technique is one that can negatively affect your business.

Is it Worthy of Your Money?

Online advertising can be extremely targeted and effective but you need to be disciplined. Start small so you can experiment with what works best for your business page. If you feel that an ad would work, then by all means do this. Have a post that is doing great? Then consider boosting it. These are tools that Facebook is offering and they are relatively affordable ways to reach more of an audience as long as you take a disciplined approach.


Facebook is not a quick fix for a business and you are not going to see results overnight. This is especially true if you are a local business.

Be persistent yet patient. We suggest that once a month you look at what is gaining the most attention on your Facebook page. Are you seeing some content working better? If so, adjust the types of posts in the future to include more of what works.

Facebook Analytics is a great tool to watch what is working and what is not, especially if you are boosting posts or creating advertisements via Facebook. Do not feel discouraged if you don’t see results right away. Keep providing great content and interacting authentically with your audience. Enjoy entering the ‘cocktail party’ of Facebook and use it to effectively generate more leads and sales for your company.